London's Best Autumn Treats

Happy Autumn, Witches! I have a love/hate relationship with this season because on one hand, finally wearing cozy clothes is amazing, but also the second the rain hits and I don't feel like going outside for upwards of six months, I wish it was summer again. However, I have a fabulous relationship with autumnal food that is full of love, pumpkin, and lots of sweet treats.

I've tried a bunch of bakeries in London and found my two favourite autumnal and seasonally themed baked goods in London!

A fan favourite for me, I love this place because they have a huge variety of food and treats, and a large sitting area. This autumn they are featuring a pumpkin and pecan cronut (croissant donut)! I went in to study one day and was very happy with the autumnal bliss that was this cronut. Loved it so much I brought my flatmate back a day later to try one! The pumpkin flavour literally oozes out of the middle and it's top with yummy orange icing!

Cronut autumnal special 
Located on Elizabeth Street in Belgravia

Dom's (as I, and no one else calls it) also has a gorgeous flower arch outside the entrance that changes seasonally as well. So right now they are rocking some pretty orange and red flowers! Perfect for putting you into the fall spirit! They also have a normal lunch menu if you're feeling something savoury, and have put a Halloween spin on some of their year round treats! Also be sure to check out the London Exclusive - the Geo Conker: salted caramel mouse with hazelnut cream, centre, and sponge base!

Religeuse (a double cream puff) Halloween special!
Also, to the left, the London Exclusive!

Fabulous outside decor! Be sure to head to the back of the cafe where there is an equally cutely decorated covered patio area! 

I had never been to Butter Believe It before, but KNEW I had to go check it out when they came out with there October cookie special -- a breast cancer awareness cookie that looks like a boob and supports Coppa Feel!!! A cause very near and dear my heart, I knew I had to get my hands on one of these cookies, the ruby chocolate deliciousness was just a major plus! October is Breast Cancer awareness month, so although the cookie will be leaving soon, head to Butter Believe It, get a Coppa Feel cookie, and touch ya titties!

Cutest entrance
Located on Brushfield Street near Old Spitalfields Market

Additionally, because I am glutenous, I also indulged myself with the Butter Believe It cake flavour of the month cake mush. The cake mush is basically mushed up cake in a cup and is 100% the reason I had wanted to visit this bake shop before learning about the boob cookie. The flavour of the month changes, wait for it, every month and is usually seasonal! October's flavour was pumpkin white chocolate and my goodness was it delicious. Very moist and the flavours are excellent, plus they have frosting on top, but not too much (which I appreciate).

Cake mush on top, Coppa Feel cookie on bottom
Cookie priced at 3.33 pounds because 3's look like boobs!
Coppa Feel Website and Insta @coppafeelpeople

An added plus, for Halloween they have a few specials, cookies and cream and blood velvet, and matching decor! The specials change a lot (YAY to variety!), so they will be gone soon, but this bake shop really gets into the spirit with the seasons, so I'll be back in November to check out the new yummy bakes!

Halloween Special! Butter Believe It offers cake decorating classes, as well! Huge fan of this place, will maybe do a class in the future!

Some other bakeries and delicious places to try for autumnal treats:
Biscuiteers in Notting Hill (@biscuiteersltd)
Peggy Porschen in Belgravia and Chelsea (@peggyporschenofficial)

Maybe I should start watching less Bake-Off because I think I'm going to gain a lot of weight from all these treats. OH WELL! Remember, touch ya titties and happy Autumn! 


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  1. I wasn't aware of either of these bakeries before Lisa, but they're both on my must-visit list now - their halloween offers sound really yummy. I've never tried cake mush, but that sounds delicious too - thanks for sharing! x


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